Membership Agreement

Eastern Europe Women will:

(1) Provide you with the services specified below. Introduction Service only without Hotel or Travel.

5 dates (£995 - $1495 - €1,245)8 dates (£1,445 - $2,095 - €1,885)11 dates (£1,765 - $2,725 - €2,475)14 dates (£2,295 - $3,625 - €3,195)20 dates (£3,295 - $5,095 - €4,595)

DVD (£20, $40, €30)
You will receive a credit of £40, $80, or €60 towards the service if you purchase it within 14 days of receiving the DVD.

For those clients who can not travel at all, or in the near future, we have designed a service in which you can meet the woman of your dreams. In simplest terms we send you pictures, and other information on the ladies to you immediately after you have joined us. After you contacted these ladies you can ask for more ladies, at which time the procedure repeats itself. We will continue this service for 3, 5, or 8 months and you will have a designated manager at our Prague office to help you on a continuous basis. After the 3 - 8 months period is completed you do not receive any new women, but you can still contact all the women we sent you for an indefinite period. In the monitored service you can contact unlimited women.We send you 5 to 6 women at a time,and when we do,we do not give her info to anyone else,so you are the only one contacting her at that time.When you need more women,you tell us which of the women are not suitable and the process repeats itself.

(1a) Monitored Introduction Service - 3 months ( £1,095, $1,795, €1,595)(1aa) Monitored Introduction Service - 5 months (£1,325, $2,045, €1,845)(1aaa) Monitored Introduction Service - 8 months (£1,925, $2,695, €2,465)(1b) Silver Service (£2,785 - $4,295 - €3,895)

When you take both the 5 month monitored service and 11 date service initially.
(1c) Gold Service (£3,865 - $5,495 - €5,395)

When you take both the 8 months Monitored service and 14 date service initially.
(1d) Platinum Service (£5,395 - $8,325 - €6,895)

Combines an 8 month Monitored Service and a 20 date Introduction Service in which the dates can be done continuously or contiguously on an indefinite timescale.

(2) Take all the reasonable steps to insure that you are reasonably compatible with the people introduced to you, but Eastern Europe Women does not guarantee compatibility or how many women you will be able to contact.

(3) When selecting an introduction, have regard to your stated preference as well as to your interest, background and beliefs. Eastern Europe Women will make as many dates for you as time allows when you come to Prague, but cannot guarantee how many women you will meet.

(4) Treat your personal information as confidential and not divulge it to anyone without your consent for any purpose other than providing introduction.

(5) All Intellectual Property Rights in any pictures, literature, and the name Eastern Europe Women remain the absolute property of Eastern Europe Women.

You Will:
(6) Pay the appropriate fee to Eastern Europe Women

(7) Give Eastern Europe Women full and accurate information so that Eastern Europe Women can meet its obligations to you.

(8) Use your best endeavors to contact every person introduced to you by Eastern Europe Women.

(9) Keep an arrangement to meet every person introduced to you by Eastern Europe Women

(10) With regards to the Regular Introduction service (In Paragraph 1), write to Eastern Europe Women if any introduction is unsuitable within 24 hours of you becoming aware that this is the case, explaining why, so that the problem does not occur again.

(11) NOT give any Eastern Europe Women tapes, pictures, names, addresses, or telephone numbers to any third party without our written permission.

(12) With regards to the Monitored Introduction Service, you agree to receive this service for the full 3, 5 or 8 month period. You must notify Eastern Europe Women in writing if any introduction is unsuitable within 48 hours of its occurrence explaining why it is unsuitable. Eastern Europe Women does not guarantee how many women you will be able to contact.

(13) With regard to our Regular Introduction Service you will agree to meet all the women we will introduce to you for the duration of the period you have selected re: Paragraph no 1 of this agreement.

(14) On receipt of payment, thereafter there will be absolutely no refunds under any circumstances.

By checking this box I agree to abide by the above terms. (required)

Eastern Europe Women provides an introduction service with a view to friendship and marriage. Eastern Europe Women can only provide introductions between people who appear to be generally compatible from the information that you and other members have given us. Eastern Europe Women is a company registered in St. Kitts and this Membership Agreement is subject to St. Kitts law, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the St. Kitts Courts.

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