Prague Ladies vs. Russian Women

“This program is designed for single men looking for a true life partner who is beautiful, significantly younger, educated, with unspoiled by feminism and Whose culture is one of support & Respect.”


It is Extremely Difficult to get a visa for Russian, Ukraine, Asian or South American women. Czech women do not need a visa to come to the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Also YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO THERE to get a visa for the women to visit you in your country. This is not the case with the aforementioned places, as you first have to go to Russia, Ukraine and Asia and South America to get the visas for the women.

Also, American Citizens and All Citizens of Western European countries do not require visas to visit the Czech Republic.
Czech Women vs. Russian and Ukrainian women

»Russian women

Its expensive to go and stay there
The facilities for visitors in Countries proposition is not very good
Most of the women do not speak good English
Many of the cities are dangerous Relatively
There is a large-scale AIDS Epidemic there. In Fact we have documented evidence That Russia and the Ukraine have the fastest rise of AIDS cases in the world today.
Czech Women Not expensive to go or stay in Prague
Prague is a very beautiful city with all modern amenities.
Very safe city
Quality of the women is far superior to the Russians and Ukraines in terms of Education, Culture, Interests and Beauty.
Well or Aids Health Problems
All of our Women Speak Good English. No interpreters needed.

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