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Our international marriage, introduction and dating agency will offer you a high quality Czech matchmaking service. Or if you wish to invest, we have a business proposal for you – recession proof franchises. Meet beautiful young Eastern European women from Czech and Slovakia, visit them or call them to you!

Donald Trump’s first wife was Czech and his current wife is Slovakian. Never mind his political beliefs but his taste in women is exceptional.

Go ahead and fall in love with a stunning woman in an astounding place — Prague.

Taking Dates Internationally

Be advised that Czech and Slovakian women DO NOT NEED A VISA to visit Western Europe or North America. Once you set the date up, you can easily call of these ladies to your own country! We can provide you a Part time Dating Agency Business proposal too. Relax at home while the woman of your dreams visits your country.

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Eastern Europe Women is a marriage, introduction and dating agency from Prague with over 20 years experience. With the recession proof franchises that we run, there are thousands of happy couples who we have produced. We have offices all around the world with the main ones in the center of Prague, and London.

World class service

So are you thinking of trying out our services to its finest? Then come and pay us a visit at our main office branch. Our staffs will arrange for you an amazing trip here at Prague. Here you will be experiencing the best quality hotels, transfer from the airport, local sightseeing and everyday meetings with gorgeous Czech women.

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Part time Dating Agency Business opportunity

You can now become a part of our business venture. We are providing huge opportunities for the firm business freaks. While you get to experience first hand dating interaction, you also get to indulge in our firm.

We are so famous as we provide customers the ease to relax at home while the gorgeous beauty pays them a visit at their door step! For those, who prefer to stay in their own country, we have a special monitoring service, wherein you can experience some private time with the lady of your choice without any disrespect for privacy. Choose the best women for you, text her, e-mail her or call her and meet her without any hesitance.

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